Angel Wings Bra Tips

Erase The Waist

Angel Wings Bra Tips

Selecting a size ( Easy To Fit )
Just select your usual cup size and don’t even worry about the band size


Is it sticky-sticky? Or just a little bit sticky?

Oh, it’s sticky. If you have it stuck on just right, it will stay on all night long even when you sweat . We’d hate to see that nip slip.


How many times can I wear it?

We know, you want cleavage erryday. If you show your AWB | Push Up the love she deserves, you should get 40+ wears.


How do I take care of my AWB push up?

After each use:

Hand wash in warm soapy water
Rinse and air dry (don’t use a towel or it may lose it’s stickiness )
Stick plastic back on each cup